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Answers for Commonly Asked Questions About Acupuncture in Baltimore

Every year, it seems like the pressures of modern life mount for more and more Baltimore residents. Many people in the city are living with chronic illness or pain and mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. This can make it hard to go about everyday life or to meet expectations placed on you by work or school. If you’re having difficulty managing your condition, all of us at Classical Five Element Acupuncture want to take some time to say that we understand what you’re going through, and it isn’t fair that you need to experience this.

But in the grips of the drug crisis sweeping the nation, it is clear that simply taking addictive pills isn’t doing enough for the citizens of Baltimore. Classical Five Element Acupuncture wants you to know that there is an alternative treatment that can be combined with whatever your family doctor prescribes: acupuncture. If you’re new to acupuncture, we’ve provided this guide of commonly asked questions that should shed some light on this fascinating ancient treatment.

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a medical treatment devised by Chinese physicians centuries ago that suggested that disease was caused by energy imbalances. Well, our understanding of illness has come a long way, but the fact remains that acupuncture’s healing effect holds up even as our knowledge changes. This ancient art involves carefully and gently pricking the body’s pressure points with needles, and then removing them, releasing tension and bringing relief to a lot of ailments.

Are Acupuncture Needles Approved by the FDA?

The Food and Drug Administration is the government agency tasked with approving medical treatments and supplements in this great country. And last year, they endorsed acupuncture as a great alternative to pain medication for those dealing with chronic pain. A safer and more natural relief is possible!

How Acupuncture Works for Anxiety Relief

One of the greatest benefits of acupuncture we see in the modern age is the relief of stress and tension that stems from psychiatric illnesses like anxiety and depression. The fact is that modern life, poor diet, or exposure to pollution causes a buildup of stress hormones in the body. These negative energies are removed through acupuncture’s principles.

What Acupuncture Can and Cannot Treat

While those who try acupuncture are shocked and relieved at the healing benefits it provides, it is not a suitable treatment for every ailment. Anything that involves chronic disease, inflammation, or a buildup of toxins is likely to benefit from acupuncture. Acupuncture should not be used as a primary treatment for some cancers. Ask your doctor, and then give us a call.

How Acupuncture Changed My Life

I founded Classical Five Element Acupuncture after I experienced all of the healing benefits that acupuncture could provide. I went to China to receive specialized training in this healing art. And now I want to show you how ancient science can relieve you of the pressures and pains of modern life. If you have any further questions, call us today and we’ll be happy to help you start your journey of healing.

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