Frequently Asked Questions

What types of pain can acupuncture relieve?

Acupuncture is particularly beneficial in treating pain associated with the following conditions: migraines, sciatica, neck and lower back pain, arthritis, tendonitis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as numbness and tingling anywhere in the body. Contact my office for more information (410) 592-2752.

Are acupuncture services covered by insurance medical plans?

Many insurance plans provide coverage for treatments in my facility and in many cases I am able to bill your provider directly. For further information contact my office at (410) 592-2752.

Is acupuncture painful?

No. Acupuncture does not cause any pain at all. Treatments are administered to relieve pain and induce relaxation. Classical Five Element Acupuncture ensures that each patient is well informed and comfortable prior to a procedure.

Does relief of pain and other symptoms extend beyond the actual treatment sessions?

The goal of acupuncture is to provide long lasting relief between and beyond treatments.

Can I receive acupuncture if I am already being treated by a physician?

Yes. Many patients who visit Classical Five Element Acupuncture for relief from various chronic conditions are being treated simultaneously by their own doctors. My methods are designed to provide relief in conjunction with traditional medicine.

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How or why does acupuncture actually work?

Traditional Chinese medicine explains that health is the result of a harmonious balance of the corresponding extremes of the life force known as chi which is said to flow through particular points in the human body. Illness is said to be the consequence of an imbalance of this life force and when specific points are accessed by an experienced practitioner the energy flow is brought into balance and healing occurs. There are many theories as to why acupuncture produces very successful results in the treatment of many physical and psychological conditions. Whether this relief is achieved as a result of chemical or hormonal changes, shifts in the nervous system, or bio-electricity movement; the fact remains that acupuncture produces very real and definitive results.